SOLD - English Victorian Period 19th Century Turned Wood Spice Holder with Mixing Tool

SOLD - An English Victorian period turned wood spice holder from the 19th century with finial-topped lid and petite mixing tool. Created in England during the reign of Queen Victoria, this wooden spice holder charms us with its petite proportions and nicely turned silhouette. Topped with a lid accented with a small finial, the piece showcases a tapering belly resting on a circular base. A small hole on the side allows for the placement of the mixing tool. With its elegant lines, very good general condition and small proportions, this English Victorian period spice holder from the 19th century will make for a lovely decorative addition to any kitchen dining room or living room.
Place of Origin:
Dimensions: 4.75" H x 2.5" W
Inventory Number: VAB97
Price: $125