Eastern French 19th Century Walnut Hat Rack with Carved Chamois and Her Young

A French walnut hat rack from the 19th century, with hand carved chamois and her young. Born in Eastern France during the 19th century, this hat rack features a charming hand carved chamois, standing on a rocky formation. Her head turned backwards, the animal is very alert. Upon closer inspection, we understand the reason for her vigilant attitude: placed between her legs, her young is asking for protection. The delicacy of the treatment and heartwarming subject Stand out beautifully on the grooved backplate that resembles a tree branch. Antlers and horns accentuate the piece and are used as the hooks meant to receive the hats. With its rustic appearance and skillfully carved décor, this French 19th century walnut hat rack will bring a touch of authenticity to any wall, particularly in a country home or mountain cabin.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 21 1/2" L x 13 3/4" " H x 4 1/2" D
Inventory Number: EE52
Price: $1,500