19th Century Black Forest Carved Wooden Inkwell with Bird, Acorns and Oak Leaves

A German Black Forest wooden inkwell from the 19th century, with hand-carved bird, acorns and oak leaves. Born in Germany during the 19th century, this handsome wooden inkwell attracts our attention with its hand carved motifs depicting a lively bird landing on a tree stump. His wings extended backwards, he is looking down at the ground. The hinged tree stump opens up to reveal a convenient storage area while the circular containers on the sides are meant to receive the ink. The base is beautifully adorned with oak leaves and petite acorns. With its skilfully executed décor and dark patina, this 19th century Black Forest hand carved wooden inkwell will bring a touch of authenticity to any desk.
Place of Origin: Germany
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 12"W x 6"D x 6"H
Inventory Number: EE160
Price: $750