SOLD - French 19th Century Four-Light Tôle Lantern with Painted Vine and Flowers

A French four-light tôle lantern from the 19th century with painted vine and flowers. Born in France during the 19th century, this exquisite lantern features a circular tôle armature with glass panels, protecting four lights in the center. It is the lovely floral décor however that captures our attention with its intertwining vines and flowers that invade the structure, particularly in the upper section. Exuberant yet beautifully contained, this decor exudes a sense of energy and abundance, making this French 19th century four-light lantern an excellent choice to enliven any home.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 22"W x 25"H
Inventory Number: BLD17
Price: $4,950