SOLD - King-Size Wood and Plaid Fabric Headboard Made of Antique French Door Molding

SOLD - A king-size upholstered and painted wooden headboard made from a French antique door molding and covered in plaid fabric. This contemporary king-size headboard is made from a light colored antique French wooden door molding. The linearity of the frame is discreetly balanced by the rounded edges of the central molding. The exquisite checkered aspect of the upholstery complements the ensemble beautifully. Upholstered wooden headboards are a wonderful option to accentuate any bedroom, both providing comfort for the sitter as well as a decorative focal point. The pure simple lines and combination of antique and contemporary aesthetics will make this headboard an excellent choice for any bedroom.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 21st Century
Dimensions: 80"W x 37"H
Inventory Number: RR50
Price: $500