French Majolica Longchamp Terre de Fer Green, White and Brown Scallop Platter

A French majolica Longchamp Terre de Fer scallop platter from the 19th century with green and brown accents. Born in France during the 19th century, this scallop platter presents a green, white and brown décor accented with 12 scallop shells. Created to receive the excellent and traditional "Coquilles Saint-Jacques" dish (scallops displayed into the shells), this platter is adorned with 10 shells standing out on a green wicker-themed ground and surrounding two central ones. The underside showcases the Longchamp Terre de Fer mark. With its lovely decor, this French Longchamp scallop platter will bring a touch of tradition to any dining room. You are welcome to view our plates SCA175B that will work very well with this platter.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 13" Diameter x 1.75"H
Inventory Number: SCA175B
Price: $350