French 1880s Barbotine Longchamp Decorative Plate with Lemons and Floral Décor

A French barbotine Longchamp decorative plate from the late 19th century, adorned with lemons and flowers trompe-l'oeil. This exquisite decorative plate made by Longchamp features an exquisite high-relief décor, painted on a green and blue background. The high-relief depiction of a lemon tree branch with three ripe lemons and a green one, is perfectly balanced by the presence of its delicate pink flowers. The arrangement of the composition is beautifully harmonious, and highlights the barbotine décor. Highly decorative, this French Longchamp majolica circa 1880 will look wonderful hung on a wall or placed on a chest-of-drawers or buffet, perhaps on an easel.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 14" D
Inventory Number: EE149
Price: $2,500